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Cavalier Makes out with tree
Monday, February 21, 2005 5:39 AM
Hey guys, in January(1-20-05) the roads were covered in slush. I was going to school and on my way i went to pick up a buddy of mine. As going down the road i hit a dip in the road which was filled with slush and the rear slid out. Being parked cars on both side i swerved several times to avoid hitting parked cars. When i finally had probably the most control i had the whole time still didn't matter even with ten brakes it just slid. Well i started going at a tree and as soon as i saw what i was going to hit BAM! only thing i remember was saying Oh Sh!t! and then remember seeing my airbags just laying out like they didn't even work. I wasn't injured any but the car did a complete 180 the direction from where i was coming from. Bad thing was it was right in-front of the buddy who i was picking up's house. It was pretty bad and i planned to just keep it and fix it. But after a week with my schedule i realized i have no time to fix it and it was claimed totaled. The insurance company as far as i know took it to south bend for salvage. The adjuster gave me $6400 for it in-turn which i paid off the car and still had $2700 left over. After the adjuster left i went and talked to the junk yard(he is good friends with my dad) and i went home got some tools and decided to pull some parts off. I came back with a pipe cutter and cut the muffler off my catback exhaust, pulled the intake out and put the stock stuff in the backseat. The adjuster also gave me credit for a couple things: new battery, new brakes, new rotors,new tires, and Tinted Windows(and i didn't have them tinted unless they have some light tint on them from factory i dunno). I also found the the frame was twisted. And if i was gonna repair, the school has a frame bender i was just gonna use but i ended up not keeping it. The reason i waited so long to post is because i wanted to make sure i had a new car and after seeing and driving many many many cars i came to the conclusion i wanted to stick with a cavy plus i like alot of the people here. So i found a 96 Cavalier and i figured if iI'mgoing to go older i mise well get the 2.4 instead fof2200 so i did and i love it. paid $2500 total for it and still have $300 left to work on it cuz it does need some work. The interior iisn'tthe greatest but i want to swap out to black and ditch the beige. Today here in a bit im going to start working on it since i have a full day off. O and i kknowi hate reading these things and not seeing some pics so i made sure i got alot of pic for you guys but i didn't have my cam when i wrecked so i had to get the pics at the tow yard and i got pics of my new car too.

The cracked windshield from airbag

This is as far as i could open my pass door cuz of the fender

And here is my new car, 1996 Manta Green Z24

Re: Cavalier Makes out with tree
Monday, February 21, 2005 11:52 AM
wow that sucks about the red one glad that everyone was ok. and i really like the 96 its in pretty good shape outside the car.... very nice i like it... good luck and again glad your ok

Re: Cavalier Makes out with tree
Tuesday, February 22, 2005 9:38 AM
Sorry to hear about the car. Glad you're okay. I like the color of your new wheels.

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Re: Cavalier Makes out with tree
Tuesday, February 22, 2005 9:58 AM
i int that a sunbird hatch in the back

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Re: Cavalier Makes out with tree
Tuesday, February 22, 2005 6:36 PM
why yes sir it is!

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Re: Cavalier Makes out with tree
Friday, February 25, 2005 9:31 PM
sorry bout your car my 97 is the same color and i love it so far i have put zenon front and rear bumpers and side skirts a jsp spoiler and ram air carbon fibre hood for exterior mods what are you planning for yours?

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Re: Cavalier Makes out with tree
Saturday, February 26, 2005 11:24 AM
^ i dont plan to do alot exterior. Ram Air Hood, Shaved Trunk Clear Corners and bumper lenses, Apc discontinued all clear outters, rims, tint bout it

A update is teh Z needs a new motor which im gettin tuesday and itll go in. Right now i have Poly Motor Mounts, Intake, Muffler(which will be put with a 2.25" catback), Stock Trunk Lid(to shave), the All Clear Outters, and then i have the ram air hood i had for my red car luckily it wasnt totaled with the car so ill be modding it very soon.

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